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Lemon Water Detox Recipe for Your Body and Skin

Lemon Water Detox Recipe for Your Body and Skin

Finding healthy drinks for the entire family can be a challenge. Especially with GMO being added to a lot of food choices nowadays. Soda pop is a favorite drink choice, but it is not always the healthiest. Milk is a favorite go-to as well, but not for every single time the kids are thirsty. Water is the best choice, but not always a pleasing choice for the kids.

I decided to learn how to make kid-friendly lemon water. Lemons are healthy and packed with Vitamin C. If you remember in Chemistry, the acids in lemons can help restore your PH levels. Lemons contain cancer fighting compounds, have more potassium then grapes and apples, and are great for cleansing our liver and bowel.

Lemon Water Detox Recipe for Your Body and Skin

For us adults unsweetened lemon water is wonderful, but giving that to a kid will probably be a fight. I came up with my own recipe for healthy kid friendly lemonade that really is easy to make.

Recipe for Awesome Lemon Water:
3 lemons
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup boiling water

3 cups of cold water

Squeeze lemons right into your pitcher. Mix your hot water and sugar together in a measuring cup and stir. This makes your sugar mix more even and not sitting at the bottom of your pitcher. Add 3 cups of cold water in your pitcher and stir. Add ice. Done!

You can adjust this recipe to make your lemon water sweeter or less sweet. Even though I have to sweeten my lemon water for the children at least it is from table sugar and not from high fructose corn syrup. Experiment and find just the right taste for your family and cleanse and detox! Pucker Up and Enjoy!


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