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Smiling is Inspiring Daily Devotional

Smiling is Inspiring Daily Devotional

Our world has gotten busy and people are busier then ever. I have to admit as people have gotten busier they are not as friendly as they used to be. Drivers can get mad if you use your car horn to try to avoid a collision or drivers don’t want to move over a lane to allow you to merge onto the highway. I am used to going days without a stranger saying hello. Strangers even shake their head at me if I’m in their way going down the grocery aisle.

  I was having my usual busy day on Valentine’s Day, full of so many things to do and places to go. One stop that is an almost everyday affair with a family of 10 is the grocery store and Valentine’s Day was no exception. It was crowded out with people buying flowers, chocolates, and special dinners. I had my seven year old with me and his idea of a special dinner was tacos. We were fighting through the crowds up and down the aisles trying not to stop because I did not want to make the person behind me mad. I could sense everyone was in a hurry.

Smiling is Inspiring Daily Devotional

I was walking and shopping at the same time when suddenly my little boy stopped. He stood still as we came to the end of the aisle. It scared me at first because I thought I was going to run over his heels. I asked him what was the matter? He said, “Mommy that man smiled so bright at me!” I looked up at the old man who wore a World War II veteran cap and could not help but smile back at him. He said to me that my little boy reminded him of himself when he was that age. We all exchanged such warm smiles because we all felt inspired. In our busy worlds a stranger’s smile can make a lasting difference in our day. In conclusion, my little boy learned that a stranger’s smile can contagiously inspire.


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