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Valentine’s Day Love Tree St. Augustine, Florida

Valentine’s Day Love Tree St. Augustine, Florida

Happy Valentine’s day! Today, I couldn’t help but share with our readers’ an image that is definitely appropriate for Valentine’s day! A tiny treasure deeply located in the marshy forest near the Intercostal waterway in St. Augustine, Florida. This is the first place I ever went five years ago when I decided to become a photographer and it is very special to me. Back when I was hiking in the Guana area, I came across this tree with a shape of a heart in its stump. It was actually one of the first images I shot with just my generic little camera. This tree overshadows the path that it is on. Not many people know it’s even there. I go back often to visit this tree because of the great importance It has for me not only personally, but spiritually.

To see such a thing in nature makes you think of God and you can’t help but think that this tree was made with a heart by Him. It reminded me of God how He really is everywhere, even in the smallest things. This tree also serves as a reminder of His love. How God created the universe because of love. How God sent His only begotten Son because of love and how Jesus died for you and me because of love. We should always think and remember of such a blessing that God’s loves every day. Valentine’s day is a sweet reminder that we have a God who loves unconditionally no matter what. How you have someone who loves you right in your own heart. Today we remember to love others (John 13:34) and let all that you do be done out of love (1 Corinthians 16:14). But most importantly, “We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!
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-Ralphi ,Ralphi’s Photography


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