Valentine’s Day Fashion

Valentine’s Day Fashion

Valentine’s Day Fashion is here! I love Valentine’s day! It’s a day we can show how much we appreciate and care for others. What I love most about this holiday is you can wear your favorite ‘girly’ look. Today I picked out this floral dress to wear I got at Walmart for $8! Yes, this dress for only $8 and I decided to pair it with boots to give it a boho vibe. The added floral design is my favorite on this dress.

Valentine's Day Fashion

Celebrate today and be confident in what you wear and how you look. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love for everyone and by wearing what makes you confident you are showing you love yourself! With so many different trends and styles out there, I went for the shift style to make me feel the most confident. Because this style is flattering for my body type and I can’t wait to go out and celebrate today. Be sure to comment below what your favorite things to do on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, don’t forget to spread the love. In conclusion, you can also remember my favorite bible verse!
“We loved because he loved us first”. 1 John 4:19


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