Gliding Core Workout Disks: Do they Work?

Gliding Core Workout Disks: Do they Work? That is a question I always wanted to know. When I found these core disks at Target for $12, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! I love working out at home instead of the gym. However, the one disadvantage is I don’t have all the equipment at home that the gym offers.

Gliding Core Workout Disks: Do they Work?

When I got these Gliding Core Disks I was pleasantly surprised. The core workout exercises were very challenging and really worked my core. It’s always hard finding core workouts, at least for me, that leave me sore and I see results. However, when I tried these workouts I was sore and I could feel my core working! I’ve done it for about 2 weeks now every other day and it’s toning my waistline.

What I love about these disks is they work with planks and other exercises. My favorite is doing mountain climbers with the disks. It makes them ten times harder but the results are faster, at least to me. I also do planks with the disks too. Overall, for $12 this is worth the investment! They work for and I have a hard time finding exercises that work my core!
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