Sunday’s Are for Jesus and Football

Sunday’s Are for Jesus and Football. I got this shirt from Rustic Grace  online and when I first saw it I loved it! I have to say Rustic Grace is a refreshing Christian-based online store and I’m a fan of their clothing!

Sunday's Are for Jesus and Football
What I love about this shirt is it is so true! For anyone who loves football and Jesus! 🙂 I had been searching online for shirts to wear and this was by far my favorite to share with you. Sunday’s I always dedicate to worship music and watching the Christian channel on TV. Throughout my house every TV is tuned in to listen to different pastors throughout the day. Joseph Prince is my favorite and as he said you don’t always need physical exercise. We need spiritual exercise too. I believe that because I can feel down and out, but when I watch an inspirational message I feel empowered.

Sunday's Are for Jesus and Football
One thing to remember and I encourage all our readers to know, is God is always with us. I believe in supporting those bold companies who share our message too. That is why when we contacted Rustic Grace to share their pieces I was 100% on board. This shirt makes a bold statement that I love. Therefore, what inspires you? In conclusion, get your spiritual exercise today and tune into your favorite pastor or go to your local church and just praise God!
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