BoxyCharm Monthly Review

BoxyCharm Monthly Review

BoxyCharm Monthly Review is here for the month of January. This is my first-time ever getting a BoxyCharm box and I have to say I was surprised by how much I got in the box. Overall, two products stood out the most for me. The first product was the PUR Bronze and Brighten palette. I’m wearing it in the photo and overall I have to say I really liked this product. The bronzer went a long way as well as the blush. It is perfect going into springtime. I find it hard to get a good bronzer that isn’t overdone, but with PUR they did an awesome job.

BoxyCharm Monthly Review

The second product which I’m wearing too is the Glam Metals Crown Pro palette. It is a full-sized palette with amazing shadows. They go on easily and I have to say it’s an awesome staple palette for spring too. The colors in the palette are pigmented and one shade of can be used on your eye and your makeup look is complete. BoxyCharm was a monthly surprise, I wasn’t expecting.

BoxyCharm Review

However, I will say my sister gets the same box and she got the same products. I do wish that each box was different. I’m not sure if it’s worth us both getting the same box every single month with the same products. Does anyone else have that problem? In conclusion, the quality of the products I really enjoyed. They weren’t knock off products by the brand, which is a huge plus! Therefore, I do suggesting giving this monthly box a try!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, IG: HeyitsCarlyRae


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