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Live More, Worry Less Daily Devotional is here this week. All week I had a heavy feeling, like I had a huge weight on my shoulders. I always wake up every day thankful for everything I have. I have a great life so why the heavy weight? It bothered me for a couple of days and then I started to worry about it. Worrying is a weakness that I have and I pray about it a lot.  But human nature sometimes takes over. I started wondering if something bad was going to happen? One of the kids? A car accident? Sickness? My mind began to spin, and it made me feel worse. By the fifth day, of this feeling I could not shake, the least little thing made me emotional. Then I read this bible verse:

‘Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.’ -Colossians 3:2

I knew this verse was meant for me. I began to think of why I had this heavy feeling that had bothered me all week. Then last night it dawned on me, I was not letting Jesus take care of me and my emotions. I had been worrying about earthly things and did not even know it. I realized just because I am thankful to God, that did not mean I was letting all my problems go.

Being thankful does not necessarily mean your heart and mind think everything is wonderful. I realized subconsciously I was praying for thankfulness, but my soul called me out on it and Jesus knew it. The heavy feeling, I was feeling was not because something bad was going to happen. It was because I was not expecting anything good to happen. God was telling me to rise above the everyday earthly routines and think about Him more. As soon as, I figured this out that heavy weight went away.

If I ever have that feeling again, I will not walk around for a minute, let alone a week, wondering if something bad is going to happen. I will know to stop worrying about things that I am not supposed to worry about. I know God is instructing me to look up to Him and live the “good life” because he has got everything for me under control.


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