Who Wore it Best in Kids Clothing: Target, Walmart, or Amazon

Who Wore it Best in Kids Clothing: Target, Walmart, or Amazon

Finding play clothes for my little ones has been a challenge lately. The clothes I find are either to expense, do not fit right, or the material feels weird. And the clothes shrink! I decided to figure out who had the best everyday clothes with the best value for my 7 years old and 3-year-old. I went to Target, Walmart, and bought online at Amazon.

Target has been a disappointment, since they changed to Cat and Jack. I don’t feel like the clothes have the same quality they used to. The fabric feels weird and there is a higher price tag. The peach dress I bought was really cute and trendy. The quality was average for the money at a price tag of $17.99 for the dress. The matching jacket was $21.00. The boy’s sweater was very trendy and above average in quality for a fair price at $21.99.

Who Wore it Best in Kids Clothing: Target, Walmart, or Amazon
Walmart was the best value with average quality. There is plenty to choose from with lots of mix and match outfits. The Valentine separates at $4.88 were seasonably cute. The boy’s separates were $4.97 each and great for spring playdates.

Amazon, I thought had really cute clothes for my 3 three-year-old and I chose two dresses to try. They both were just under $15.00 with free shipping. When I received them, I was not thrilled. At the same time, I was not disappointed in them. They did not fit the way they were pictured, one dress was to short and the other was too long, but the quality was ok.

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All in all, for everyday play clothes Walmart seems to be the best. I know the quality may not be as good, but it is average and washable. I actually felt some of the boy’s pants and shorts were above average in quality. However, when they are little they spill things on their clothes that stains and is harder to get out in the washer. I would rather pay under $5.00 and have them wear something for a month or two and then get new. Target is hit or miss, and I always look at their kids clothes but I don’t always buy. Amazon is for cute clothes at average pricing and average quality. In conclusion, I would buy again from Amazon if I was looking for something specific.


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