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Look Up and Cheer Up Inspirational

Look Up and Cheer Up Inspirational

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. -Proverbs 7:22

I read this bible verse this morning, studied it, and then thought about it. It’s a simple verse that beholds so much wisdom. It hit me because I haven’t been cheerful lately. Sometimes life gets very hectic, especially with 7 kids! I am very thankful for my life and never lose sight of how lucky I am.
However, being cheerful is different than being grateful. According to the dictionary, cheerful can mean joyful or optimistic. Daily life had gotten to me lately and zapped my joy. The flu hit the house and four kids had the flu at once! We found out our little dog has liver failure. My 12 year-old is struggling in school and my 7 year-old is having trouble reading. That is just a few problems we’ve been facing these past two weeks. Going through all these pressures had made me feel like I was just surviving the days. It dawned on me that I was handling all my problems alone again. Instead, of giving up my problems. I looked up to Jesus and prayed. I need help instead of trying to handle it all on my own.
When I read this bible verse, it hit me that the reason I was feeling blah with my spirit is I had forgotten to ask Him for help. I realized I need to live the way Jesus wants me to live. Cheerful, joyful, optimistic. I stepped back this morning and let our Lord Jesus take care of everything. Even Marnie our sick little Chihuahua.
I went out today feeling so optimistic and joyful. Jesus is in control and all He asks is for me to keep a cheerful heart!
Live, Love, Pray,


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