Dog’s Leave Paw Prints on your Heart

Meet Marnie, my eight year old Chihuahua. I got Marnie when she was just a puppy and just last week I took her to the vet for a check-up. I had noticed that Marnie wasn’t acting her usual exuberant self. She was tired and had lost weight. I knew when I took her and her bloodwork took an extra hour, that something wasn’t right.

When the doctor came in, she revealed that Marnie’s liver levels were extremely elevated and facing liver failure. She was prescribed a medicine to lower her levels. In a month, I take her back to get retested. I pray everyday that when I take her back her levels are normal.

I am sharing Marnie’s story for our readers’ to not only pray for her but to also write-in. Tell me if your dog had these symptoms and what you suggest. She is on special food to help lower her levels as well. All prayers and suggestions help, so let me know. Keep Marnie in your prayers and I will be sure to keep you posted of her next visit.
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae @HeyitsCarlyRae


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