Too Faced Melted Latex Lipstick

Too Faced Melted Latex Lipstick

If you are in need of a classic shiny rich lip gloss that is redder then red, the Too Faced Melted Latex “I’m Bossy” red lipstick is your match! Too Faced is becoming one of favorite makeup brand to wear. Their Melted Latex lip gloss is super comfy on your lips and has a very nice smooth texture to it. This Too Faced gloss makes your lips look full and thick. It completely defines what classic red lips are. Not only does it enhance your look, but lasts all day.

Red lips are my go to look when I am out shooting in the mountains or just when I am in the studio. The “I’m Bossy” just became the only red lip product I use. This product matches my red Canon gear, which is a absolute must for me! It definitely helps me put on my vintage flare. With Spring time just around the corner, you are gonna want a glossy red!

The Too Faced Melted Latex lip glosses are created with original technology that allows this blinding shine to last all day. Which is what I love the most about this product. Not only does the shine stay lit because of the oils its made with, but that gorgeous shine that every girl wants stays all day long too! Another benefit to this product and all the other colors is that they are gluten free and vegan. It keeps getting better and better because the brush that each gloss is made with, contains the perfect amount of gloss for your lips every time you apply. This fab gloss is now only $10 reg $21 on the Too Faced website. Go check it out because… All you need are lattes and lipstick!
-Ralphi, Ralphi’s Photography


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