Health Benefits of Strawberries aka The Super Fruit

Strawberries are the “Queen of Hearts” in fruit! Not only are they shaped like a heart they really are a queen of power! There are 200 seeds on the outside of each strawberry you eat! Because the seeds are on the outside they are not technically a berry. Strawberries are a superfood packed with so many good things! Once you read this article you will make sure you have some in your fridge.

Health Benefits of Strawberries

The great news is there is 54 calories in a whole cup, so eat up to good health! Strawberries are packed with vitamin C. As a matter of fact, eating one cup of strawberries gives you 160% of your vitamin C intake for the day!Strawberries also contain anthrocyanin which helps fight the free radical damage we get from our environment. They help fight against cancer and decrease inflammation in our bodies. They also contain biotin and ellagic acid both that keep you beautiful. Biotin gives you strong hair and nails and ellagic acid fights that saggy skin as we age. Of course, strawberries contain Flavonoids, giving them their red color, that also fight against heart disease. The potassium and vitamin K help with our bone health too.

There are so many recipes to incorporate this super food into your diet. You can also eat them by the handfuls, like we do in our house. I keep a bowl of washed, fresh strawberries in the fridge always. The kids take a handful and eat them for a healthy snack during the day.
This superfood helps you and your family eat your way to healthy living!


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