Are Smartphones Good for My Kids?

Are smartphones good for my kids? These devices, are they ruining them from learning things without using a phone? I have thought about this for a long time before sharing what I think. With 7 kids of all ages and my answer is Yes and No. I know perfectly well that my smartphone can be a good thing. I know when it is turning into a problem for my children too. It is my responsibility to manage my children’s phone usage and it can be a fight.
I have found my smartphone is not a babysitter and not responsible for hours of entertainment for my kids. The only time I look at my smartphone for assistance to help me is if we are in a restaurant, airplane, or anyplace where there are lots of adults and I need a backup plan.  Smartphones can keep the pressure off of me until I can concentrate on them again.

I think smartphones can be addictive for everyone and as phones become smarter I am relying more and more on mine for everything from keeping appointments, stocks to health, banking, and shopping. The device can be used as a smart device for useful and positive information with great apps that really are terrific to have. In a way, are smartphones good for my kids? I’d have to say yes if used properly.

Are Smartphones Good for My Kids?

I do limit my kid’s usage I actually did an experiment and asked my 7-year-old if he wanted to play with Legos are or go on Kids YouTube while I was cooking dinner. He chose Kids YouTube. On another occasion, I asked him if he wanted to watch Nick Junior on TV or watch Kids YouTube on my phone and again he went for my smartphone.  That made me think because they were both forms of video entertainment. I find if they have a choice to play with toys or use the smart phone they will use the phone every time.

Phone’s can be addicting!

I believe the worst thing I can do as a parent is to allow my children to lose their imagination. How I control my children’s phone usage is through earning minutes on the phone. If their school work is done, they earn minutes.  If their chores are done, they earn minutes. I make sure they do not loose who they are and get lazy. Because I make sure they stay involved with real life and not a virtual one. The little ones I simple control their usage by saying “no” and redirecting them to their toys.
Rather than tell the kids how bad my phone is, I am teaching my kids that smartphones can be a great tool to have if they’re properly used. In conclusion, these devices are here to stay so why not be smart about it? Therefore it’s important to keep it limited I believe.


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