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Wonder Bible Review Listen to the Bible Anywhere

Wonder Bible Review Listen to the Bible Anywhere

Wonder Bible Review Listen to the Bible Anywhere! Get up and go this week is about the Wonder Bible. The Wonder Bible is inspiring and a great gift. I got mine for Christmas and it is awesome! I saw it advertised on TV and thought it was cool. But I did not order it. My dad did! He thought it would be the perfect gift for me and he was right!  My Wonder Bible is an audio player that reads the entire Old and New Testament from the King James version.

What is amazing about this programed audio player is you can skip around and listen to different chapters daily and pick up where you left off or pause and continue. You simply press the coordinating code you get from the Wonder Bible booklet. It has the whole Bible programed with sections with coded numbers that you type into the audio player. This feature allows you to play any of your favorite Books in the Bible anytime anywhere.  It also comes with 10 tracks of soothing meditation music.

Wonder Bible Review Listen to the Bible Anywhere
I play my Wonder Bible whenever I want to hear God’s words.  My favorite time to listen to my Wonder Bible is running on the treadmill or sitting outside and watching the kids play. I also seem to turn it on at my makeup table while I am doing my makeup.  It is a small audio player that can easily fit into your pocket or purse.

I am a slow reader and I find that the Wonder Bible is a great tool for me. But with this you can re-listen to Bible passages, what I have read before, or simple listen to the Gospels with ease. I still read in my Bible every night. I read each Book without skipping a page. However, with my Wonder Bible I do skip around and pick a passage or Book that is on my heart that day. In conclusion, I love my Wonder Bible and it is available on Amazon.

My Get Up and Go this week is to go get the Wonder Bible and enjoy listening to the word of God anytime! Because now it’s never been so easy.
-Tamara @7thHeavenMomma


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