For King & Country the Priceless Movement

For King & Country the Priceless Movement

The Grammy Award-winning Christian pop brother duo band, For King & Country are the makers behind what they call the Priceless Movement. Over the past two years we have watched this movement grow from one hit song, to a book, and then a movie. Which by the way is now trending on Amazing Prime if you want to go check it out! Not only that, For King & Country have sold over a half of million priceless necklaces that feature the Australian penny for remembrance that every girl is priceless and worth more then all the riches in the world. The necklace is the one I am wearing in the photos and hangs on a long chain featuring the logo of the band. How cute it that?

Priceless has played a huge role in the bands growing. The movement first originated after the band wrote and released the hit song Priceless. Which brings attention to human trafficking and explaining how every girl is “priceless.” According to interviews from the brothers Joel and Luke, they had been working on this whole priceless vision they had for a few years before their song and everything after that took place.
For King & Country the Priceless Movement

   Putting an end to human trafficking is the heart of this movement. For King & Country themselves have definitely put a spark in millions of people’s heart on this issue. The band also offers many t-shirts in different styles to show that you are apart of the Priceless Movement.

Join the Priceless Movement like me! Get your Priceless necklace and apparel at the official For King and Country website. You can help bring awareness to human trafficking!
-Ralphi @RalphisPhotography


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