Top 3 Drugstore Beauty Finds

Top 3 Drugstore Beauty Finds

Elf’s Lip Scrub– The lipstick packaging makes the lip scrub easy to apply and mess-free. It is a sugar based scrub infused with oils, shea butter, and vitamin E, so it is not too harsh. I prefer the mint, because it is the perfect way to finish your evening tooth brush routine. Even at the low price of $3.00, Elf’s Lip Scrub is very effective!

Loreal’s Pure- Clay Cleanser (Detox-Brighten)- I am already a super fan of Loreal’s Pure Clay masks. When I discovered, the cleanser, I was in heaven. It turns from black to white as the clay turns to mousse. I enjoy using the cleanser in the evening, leaving my face feeling clean, fresh, and make-up free. Even though the cleanser is clay based, it does not over dry your skin. This amazing cleanser is under $6.00!

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer– Each scent smells great! Prior to discovering this product, this was my dilemma: If I took a morning shower, I would leave a trail of moisturizer on my make-up chair, clothing, even the seat of my car! If I didn’t moisture, my legs would feel dry and itchy all day! What’s a girl to do? Then I discovered Wet Skin…This moisturizer is applied as the last step of your shower (turn the water off) and then pat dry with a towel. Viola! You have moisturized, smooth legs without a trace of lotion or oil!!I love this product both in the winter and summer! If you don’t have this in your shower, you need it! Did I mention this magic moisturizer is under $7.00!


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