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Grapefruit Health Benefits for your Body

Grapefruit Health Benefits for your Body

Grapefruit Health Benefits for your Body is here. I don’t know how you feel about grapefruit, some people love them and some people think they are to bitter and sour. Florida is the number one producer of grapefruit worldwide. The season for them is between June and November. Grapefruit did not start out as a grapefruit like an orange or lemon. Grapefruit was cross bred with a orange and a pomelo. They grow in a cluster like grapes and that is where they got their name.

Grapefruit is high in nutrients and low in calories at 52 calories for a half of a grapefruit. A half of a grapefruit also gives you 64% of your needed Vitamin C for the day. Because of the high Vitamin C content it is great at fight free radicals that lead to cancer. Grapefruit with its high potassium levels may help lower the risk of a stroke and help with blood pressure and heart health. If that is not enough grapefruit is great for our skin and helps prevent wrinkles! It also helps with skin damage due to pollutants and the sun because of the high Vitamin C levels.

Weight loss may be achieved by eating a half of a grapefruit before meals because it can help insulin and metabolism curb snacking. Grapefruit needs to be avoided when taken with certain medicines and medical conditions. Always check with your doctor and make sure it is safe to eat grapefruit. My favorite way to eat grapefruit is to cut in half have some side toppings of granola, yogurt, a pinch of brown sugar and white sugar. YUM!
-Tamara, @7thHeavenMomma


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