New Years Resolution 2018

My 18 New Years Revolutions of 2018!

New Years Resolution 2018

  1. Get out and exercise more! My main goal of 2018 is to get in shape by trying yoga. I am very bad about exercising! 🚶
  2. Go see Star Wars the Last Jedi. Yes I still haven’t seen it and its killing me!!! Does Rey go to the dark side? What happens to Luke Skywaker? So many questions! 🤭
  3. Travel to one exotic place! I think that my photography portfolio could use some spice from a place that is very epic! 🗺
  4. Drink my required amount of water everyday of 2018. I am very very bad at remembering to drink water everyday. 💦
  5. Pray more! <—————🙏
  6. Drink more tea instead of coffee.☕
  7. Give up one of my bad habit like when I bite my lips when I get nervous 🙄
  8. Take more pictures because you can never take to many. 📸
  9. Learn Italian, if I am able to, but probably not fluently!
  10. SnapChat more! 👻
  11. Giving up social media on Sunday’s. 📲
  12. Read more books. I do not like reading, but I want to! Any suggestions? 📖
  13. Start wearing sunscreen! Ok this may be bad… I live in Florida and barely wear sunscreen. So that is something that is a definite goal! ☀
  14. Declutter my computer and Lightroom. My poor files and photos are everywhere on my computer…😕
  15. Write and publish my  photography E-Book! 📷
  16. Brush my teeth twice a day instead of once! Don’t judge me 🙂😁
  17. Shop more worry less! 👛
  18. Finally my ultimate goal of 2018 is to live everyday stress free, happy, healthy, and live everyday with faith through grace.🙌
Ralphi, @RalphisPhotography


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