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Get Up and Go and Let Go Inspirational

Get Up and Go and Let Go Inspirational

Get Up and Go and Let Go Inspirational is here. When I look back at 2017, it was a hard year for my family and myself. I know it was a teaching year from God. It was a year full of trials and a year full of faith and thankfulness. I would feel scared, defeated, lost, emotionally depressed and sometimes physically weary. I knew I was to rest in God and I learned to let go.  Before being born again, 3 years ago, I handled all my problems by myself not asking God for any help.  I seriously stumbled, made huge mistakes, making my problems worse before falling to my knees for God’s help.

Now, I do not go one hour without asking God for guidance throughout the day and handle my problems as they come up. I have found being born again magically brings continual guidance, help, and wisdom to me. Truthfully there are days I need the Holy Spirt ALL day!  I have had days when I feel sad, worried or scared. Those humanly feelings are rooted from the devil and with Jesus, the devil cannot touch me. That makes handling problems that feel bigger then me a lot easier to deal with.
Get Up and Go and Let Go Inspirational

For me being born again was easy, I simply asked Jesus to come in to my heart. And forgive me for all my sins. What no one tells you after you have been born again, is how to use the world of joy and peace Jesus gives you. It is His gift to you to receive and use. If you do not recognize it, you miss it. That happened to me until I went through 2017. I thought being born again was being forgiven and I put Jesus first by believing. Being born again is WAY more than that. It is endless love, joy, and peace through listening and teaching from God himself. God taught me when the world went dark for me, the only way I could see was through Him.
-Tamara @7thHeavenMomma


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