Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation for TEENS

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation for TEENS

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation for TEENS is my favorite. I am a teen who loves wearing makeup and wear it almost everyday. Only this past year, have I started wearing foundation and made it apart of my makeup routine. When I first wanted to try foundation, I was clueless! There are so many different brands, skin types, and different types of foundation that I was so lost. I decided to try Clinique because it’s a teen brand.

The lady at the counter showed me all their foundations and said that their Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in the 0.5 breeze. However, a year past after using this type of foundation and I began to notice that it was really wearing on my skin. Not only that, I noticed that it made my skin look patchy and that it too heavy for my skin.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation for TEENS
As I fashion photographer, I absolutely do not like that ‘caked on’ foundation look, it isn’t flattering. I felt as if the foundation was making me look older. I struggled over this past year until I came to know ESTEE LAUNDER. When my Mom and I were Christmas shopping this year, we came across an ESTEE LAUNDER special where if you allowed them to measure your skin tone they gave you a free generous sample of the foundation that matched your skin, using a color matching wand. I used the free sample and fell in love with their foundation. It was so lightweight and gave me a fresh look.

It transformed my makeup look forever!

I love how it still shows my freckles on my cheeks, while giving me a natural look. Also for teens who are like me and are not familiar with aping foundation, you can purchase a ESTEE LAUDER kit where it’s easy to follow the steps of foundation. You get a primer, your foundation with a dual ended foundation brush, and makeup removing wipes. As a photographer, this foundation is much easier for me and it doesn’t wear off when I am doing an all day shoot. It stays on my skin all day while still giving me a fresh look. I definitely recommend ESTEE LAUNDER.
-Ralphi @RalphisPhotography


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