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First Step Make the Commitment to Lose Weight

First Step: Make the Commitment to Lose Weight

First Step: Make the Commitment to Lose Weight. Before I can even start to lose the weight, I have to make a commitment to myself that I am dedicated to losing the weight. If you aren’t willing to make the commitment to a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, and sleep), then it will never work. You have to anticipate there will be highs when you have lost a few pounds and extreme lows when you have gained a pound or too. It is important to remember your commitment to your health, realizing losing weight is a journey and battle all on its own. You have to learn strategies to overcome insecurities, compensate for your weak areas, while building upon your strengths and celebrating your victories.

First Step: Make the Commitment to Lose Weight

Over the years, I have gone weeks without working out. I also tended to eat out a lot. But this year with the New Year approaching I am committing myself to losing weight and getting back to eating healthy. I am starting by making gym time a priority. I am starting by already having deciding I will lose the weight and I will share my journey with you. Losing weight is struggle and those of us who have gained weight know it’s really hard to get it off. I am going to personally take you on my journey this year of how I’m getting back to my ideal weight of 125!


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