Cooler REVIEW: Is Yeti Worth the price tag?

Cooler REVIEW: Is Yeti Worth the price tag?

Cooler REVIEW: Is Yeti Worth the price tag? Well, whoever said all coolers were created equal didn’t own a Yeti cooler. The first time I saw one of my friends with one we were out fishing. I put the cooler on my list of purchases until I found out the price though. I thought the $250 plus price tag for a cooler was ridiculous! But whoever said you always want something you can’t have, was right. I put off purchasing one of these bad boys until I could pay for one or justify the price tag. But I saw my buddy not to long ago on his boat after that with his Yeti and the reminder of being cool with a cooler was enough to justify the purchase of my Yeti. I went out the next day and bought my own. Because it kept the items so cold for so long!

Cooler REVIEW: Is Yeti Worth the price tag?
The Yeti has great quality, great design, great colors, nice hard shell so it’s durable, and everything stays cold for a long time! There are cool add-ons and accessories you can purchase separately. I have the Yeti lock so no one can steal my cooler from my boat, golf cart, or car. Now that I have one I don’t go anywhere outdoors without it.

The only negative is the price tag, however, the cool cooler makes it all good. And Yeti’s last long too! Buying my Yeti was one of my smarter, luxury purchases, and worth every cent. I take it everywhere and use it way more then I thought I would; fishing, hunting, and even out on the golf course!
JR, Writer for Oak and Lee


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