Sugar Lip Set from Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2017

Sugar Lip Set from Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2017 FULL review is here. Another one of my favorite parts of the Kylie Holiday line was her Sugar Lip Set! It does come with a price though! IT’s $60 for 5 lip products. Is it worth it is the million dollar question?! In my beauty influencer opinion YES! The colors are perfect year round and this lip set comes with 2 glosses you can lay over matte or velvet lip products. Yes, this kit does come with BOTH matte and velvet lip products!

Therefore another reason I love this lip set is the glosses! Her glosses literally apply over ANY lipsticks I have. It’s simply THAT easy! I can take them anywhere too and my lips are perfect! What I have found using this product too is the lipstick stays on and I don’t have to worry about lips looking dry. The first Kylie lip product I ever got was dirty peach and it dried out my lips terribly and I couldn’t get it off. Thankfully, she fixed that by using a new formula making this lipkit set a TOP Favorite of mine!

Sugar Lip Set comes with Butter, Sugar, Savage, Bye Boy, and Angel. In conclusion, I’m wearing Bye Boy with Sugar over it! 🙂
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