The Nice Palette Kyshadow Kylie Cosmetics

The Nice Palette Kyshadow Kylie Cosmetics review is here. I have to say that I love Kylie Cosmetics shadows! They stay on, are pigmented, and don’t hurt my eyes! I was so excited for the holiday collection and I couldn’t wait to try out these colors. Well, they did not disappoint either! The Nice Palette is one of my favorites! The colors are unique and easy to apply to achieve a fun makeup look. The best part is it doesn’t have to be Christmas to rock these shadows!

The Nice Palette Kyshadow Kylie Cosmetics
The colors I wore today are: SLAY, MULBERRY, and GINGERSNAP! These colors allowed for me to achieve perfect golden girl makeup look. The SLAY golden color is one of my favorites! It’s unlike any other shadows in her palettes and goes on with one brush! The packaging of the NICE palette is also my favorite. The white and velvet packaging is fun and festive. I did have to wait over two weeks for this palette to be made. But because it was new the colors easily apply to my eyes.

Overall, I recommend getting palette. The colors easily blend together and go on amazing! IF your a beauty blogger like me, you need this palette! See more on my INSTA!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor


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