Be Jedi Ready with Walmart Commercial

Be Jedi Ready with Walmart Commercial

Be Jedi Ready with Walmart Commercial is here! Part of watching television during the holiday’s is to look at the holiday commercials. I look at them to see what companies enjoy the Christmas spirt! That take the time to celebrate through their commercials and ads. I also get ideas on what toys I want to purchase for my children by watching their reactions to the commercial.

The commercial voted best at Oak and Lee! It is the one commercial my whole family loves this year from Walmart.  “Be Jedi Ready” is clever, fast pace and well done. It advertises in a subtle way the new Star Wars movie. As well as  The Last Jedi and the Star Wars toys you can purchase at Walmart. The commercial is about a little girl passing all the tests to become a Jedi. She goes through numerous tests and her friends decide if she passes she can be a part of their Jedi group. What makes the whole commercial our favorite is Pat Benatar’s hit song “Hit Me with Your Best Shot.” I find even my three your old singing along with the commercial when it plays.  Even though you don’t see Santa or a Christmas tree the commercial was brilliantly put together! Not only for kids but for parents to want to go to Walmart to buy Star Wars toys to put under the Christmas tree.




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