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Daily Inspirational: Everyday is a New Page in Your Story

Daily Inspirational: Everyday is a New Page in Your Story

Daily Inspirational: Everyday is a New Page in Your Story. It’s easy nowadays to get off track and start reading the pages in someone else’s story other than your own. Other than your story God created for you to read and live. I admit, I find myself some days looking back and wondering how I got so far off my story God had planned for me. Especially now when I know now I’m livingĀ my story. Do I have regrets? No, I believe that we learned from the past and I believe God wanted me to experience not living my story. That way I knew what it felt like when I was in fact, living and experiencing what he had planned for me.

I pray everyday I go to bed and everyday I get home for God to show me my story. Little things can be revealed in a day to big things you discover. I know having faith and leaving my trust in Him, that everything will be okay. If even things seem shaky as long as I know He is with me I will be good.

For example, I used to think living each day meant doing the same thing, working for the same person. When in fact God revealed that my path is so much bigger than just limiting myself to one thing. I am meant to experience the world. Therefore, I’ve learned I can help people, spread His word. With His help and through prayer I discovered my true mission. You can too. Therefore, I urge you if you are reading this to just take a moment and pray. Ask God to reveal to you your page in your own story today. In conclusion, stop reading someone else’s story and story reading and writing your own!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, @HeyitsCarlyRae


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