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Be Inspired: Get Up and Go Part 2

Be Inspired: Get Up and Go Part 2

Be Inspired: Get Up and Go Part 2 is here this week. This is a busy time of year! Presents to buy, recipes sharing, company over, parties to go to, and just making Christmas the most wonderful time of the year. The problem for me is the days can become so packed filled with things to do that I forget to pray. I pray in the morning before my feet hit the floor. But I forget to talk to Jesus, my Savior, throughout the day. I start handling ALL the situations that are coming my way instead of asking Jesus to give me a hand.

Be Inspired: Get Up and Go Part 2

My Get Up and Go this week is to catch myself throughout the day. When I am feeling overwhelmed with work, kids, family responsibilities, and the holidays I let Jesus help pace me, calm me down, and direct me in the right direction. As I am getting ready for work or helping with homework, driving to get groceries, or simply folding the laundry I ask that the Holy Spirt nudge my soul to remind me Jesus is right there and to simply ask for peace and thankfulness.
“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” -Mathew 6:33

So I challenge everyone this week to Get Up and Go with Jesus who is always present in your mind, heart, and soul! Jesus will have your day covered in much success and peace!
-Tamara @7thHeavenMomma


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