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My Struggle with Anxiety

My Struggle with Anxiety

My struggle with anxiety testimonial. What most people don’t know about me is that I personally struggle with anxiety. Ever since I can remember, this is something I have had to figure out and learn how to cope with. I did not realize that anxiety can affect you physically as well as mentally. This past year I was taken to the ER after experiencing trembling, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. In those moments, of going to the hospital with these symptoms I remember thinking to myself that I was dying. It didn’t cross my mind it was something like anxiety that was overcoming my body. I now know this and want to bring awareness to others who might be suffering from this and not know it. Below is a poem I wrote on anxiety.

My struggle with anxiety

I believe people loosely use this term, but really it is a serious thing that myself and others like me have to deal with. Sometimes I can deal with anxiety while other times I cannot. The only way I can overcome this disorder is knowing that God is with me. I am closest to Him when I am doing photography, so that is my relief. When my camera is in my hands anxiety disappears.
To anyone that is struggling with this, my advice to you is to pray and ask God to help you overcome this mentally and physically. Keep your mind set on Him and find something that relieves your stress!
-Ralphi, Ralphi’s Photography
Psalm 94:19


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