Whish Shave Cream and Flawless Trio Holiday Set

Whish Shave Cream and Flawless Trio Holiday Set

Whish Shave Cream and Flawless Trio Holiday Set

Whish Shave Cream and Flawless Trio Holiday Set is the perfect gift this holiday season! Especially if you are planning a holiday tropical getaway and looking for products that will leave your skin soft and luminous! Look no further Whish has you covered. Whish is one of my favorite bath and body brands. From luxurious shaving cream to hydrating moisturizers to the perfect bikini line serum. I discovered Whish when I was looking for a new bikini line product. Many of the drugstore products were too drying or ineffective. Whish’s Shave Serum was my answer! It is a soothing, yet effective serum. It works both after shaving or waxing. I just discover Whish has a Pre-Wax & Shave Serum, which I am excited to try!

Whish Shave Cream and Flawless Trio Holiday Set
After I tried their bikini serum, I had try their shaving cream. You might be thinking, why should I invest in shaving cream- trust me it makes a difference. It leaves your legs hydrated with a closer shave. I can’t tell you how many times, I have used an inexpensive shaving cream, my legs are left feeling itching and dry. While investing $16 in a bottle of shaving might sound ridiculous- it is worth the investment. Your legs will thank-you! In conclusion, this is the perfect holiday gift set to give! Because you can use it all year round and it’s a STEAL DEAL!

Did I mention Whish products are made in the USA and Leaping Bunny certified?? This means: Paraben free. Sulfate free. DEA and TEA free. Petrochemical free. Phthalate free. Naturally sourced with organic goodness.  (https://whishbody.com)

Saving Tip:

How can you save on your Whish products? Sign-up for their website’s emails- they only send emails with promo codes!!! Because I have found Whish gift sets at Walmart.com for $11.99. Therefore before you buy, do a simple Google Shopping search and see what comes up! In conclusion, get this steal deal. Because it is my favorite holiday gift set.




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