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Agave Sugar and How I knew I was allergic

Agave Sugar and How I knew I was Allergic

Agave Sugar and How I knew I was allergic to it. Allergies are a serious matter. I have some allergies to certain medicines, foods, and beauty products. One allergy that I have that I want to share with everyone is a natural sugar that has become very popular to use in foods, vitamins, and beverages. Agave.
An agave allergy is rare and that is why the industry is using it more and more. The problem is that because it is rare to have any intolerance to agave it used without disclosure. The first time I ever knew of agave is when we all went out to dinner at Seasons 52 and had a wonderful meal. They had a soda that tasted amazing!  It was homemade ginger ale. I drank one and loved it! Within minutes my throat felt funny but I ignored it and ordered another one thinking it would help my throat. I drank the second soda and at that point I knew something was really wrong!
I did not know I was suffering from an allergic reaction. Any other allergies I had ever suffered from in the past caused a rash. I sat there with my throat closing and my chest tightening. I could not talk and the worst thing was my family did not know I was suffering from a severe allergic reaction. The waitress brought water to me. My throat was so closed I could barely drink it. I honestly did not know what was happening to me. I prayed that whatever this was had to go away or I was going to die. An Epi Pen saved me from going to the hospital. I thought those type of allergies only happened with peanuts and shellfish. If you have never experienced that type of allergy it is scary and confusing. It was not until I was ok did we figure out I was allergic to the  agave in the soda.

Agave is the new vogue sweetener and is something I personally need to watch out for. I was in Walmart a few weeks ago and took a sample of a gummy vitamin and by the time I got through check out that same sensation in my throat was back. This time I knew I was experiencing an allergic reaction, to later find out inverted sugar or agave was an ingredient in the gummy vitamin. Agave may be a natural sweetener, but for me it is not good because it is not always labeled.

My advice is to pay attention to labels and if you have never experienced an allergic reaction always listen to your body, especially if your throat or chest feel tight. I did not know what was happening. The first time I had a reaction to agave, but I sure did the second time and I did not waste valuable time trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

-Tamara, Head of the Family, @7thHeavenMomma


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