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Season of Advent- What is Advent?

Season of Advent- What is Advent?

Season of Advent is here. This is my first year truly understanding the meaning of advent. This year I am on the adventure of understanding Advent. It wasn’t until recently I discovered advent is a Christian Season to prepare for the coming of Jesus on Christmas Day. When I saw the advent calendars, make-up sets, and various other advent kits, I assumed it was a marketing tacit for counting down to Christmas. I had no idea the spiritual significance. It was put on my heart to explore “What is Advent?”

The word advent comes from the Latin word adventus meaning “coming.” It is believed the season of Advent was first practiced in the 4th or 5th century in Spain and Gaul. Today, Advent is practiced the four Sunday’s leading up to Christmas. The season celebrates by looking back at Christ’s first coming (second two Sundays) and looking ahead to the second coming of Christ (first two Sundays).

Season of Advent- What is Advent?

Advent season is celebrated with a wreath. It holds four candles three purple and a rose color. On Christmas Eve, a white candle is lite in the center of the wreath. The wreath represents eternity. The candles represent light in darkness, as well as, 1,000 years. The time period of each candle represents the time of Adam and Eve until the birth of Jesus (4,000 years) What do the candles mean?

First Candle: HOPE (purple candle)
Second Candle: PEACE (purple candle)
Third Candle: JOY (rose candle)
Fourth Candle: LOVE (purple candle)
Christmas Candle: LIGHT (white candle)

I purchased my advent wreath and candles at

Therefore I prayerfully embark on my first journey of Advent, I heard the Lord tell- Ceremonies don’t need to perfect, prayers don’t need to be perfect, what is important is your embracing the season and in growing in knowledge and relationship with me. Therefore, I encourage you if you are a first time Adventist like myself, don’t be afraid of messing up, what is important is we are pursuing. In conclusion, I would love to hear your thoughts, encouragements, and traditions. Because now is the time to share your story! Therefore start your advent season today!


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