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Spiritually Inspired with Joseph Prince

Spiritually Inspired with Joseph Prince

Every morning I like to get up before all the kids, get a cup of coffee, and spend an hour with our Father. I will read the Bible, go to one of my favorite TV channels, like TBN, and listen to one of the broadcasts. Occasionally, I go online and look up one of my favorite pastors to get a chance to learn and meditate on the Word.

One of my favorite pastors I like watching and listening to is Joseph Prince. He teaches us to live by Grace through Jesus Christ. Joseph Prince is a pastor from Singapore and has a very large following around the world. I like his teachings because he explains the Bible passages in a way that I can understand. His sermons are so inspiring to me that they can carry me through the day. He teaches that Grace through Jesus is the way we need to live our lives.

Spiritually Inspired with Joseph Prince

Through Joseph Prince and his teaching I have many questions answered that I have reading the Bible. Because I have a better understanding of the scriptures I find myself living more at peace. After listening to Joseph Prince’s sermons I always feel so inspired and motivated. He explains the scriptures in away that are a testimony of encouragement and rejoicing because of Jesus.
Not only does Joseph Prince have his church sermons on television, he has written books on his teachings and has many audios available to play. I purchase his audios for long car rides or simply listen to them on my iPod when I work out.
If you are looking for someone to talk about the Bible, our Father and Jesus in a way that is easy to follow and you have never heard of Joseph Prince look him up at
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