Plumb Christian Music Artist We Love

Plumb Christian Music Artist We Love

Plumb Christian Music Artist We Love
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Plumb Christian Music Artist We Love! If you’ve not heard of Plumb, then you need to stop and read this right now! If you love listening to songs about love, encouragement, and hope then you will fall in love with Dove Award-winning artist Plumb. Plumb aka Tiffany Lee is one of the top and leading female Christian artist in the gospel music businesses, selling millions of hits globally. I happen to be the biggest Plumb fan of all time! She has definably turned into one of my inspirations! Her music not only reminds you of the beauty that God shares, but helps lift your spirit closer to God through her worship songs.

Plumb lets you know through the lyrics of her songs to have hope in times of trial. Some of Plumb’s recent top hits have been “Lord I’m Ready Now, “God Help Me” and “Need You Know,” which was featured in the Pureflix film I am Not Ashamed. It is also her #1 single of all top featured on many top radio stations in many countries. Plumb has the most unique voice I have ever heard! With over 7 albums over the years, Plumb has become a top billboard artist and #1 on iTunes charts. Her songs can even be seen on the big screen such as in Vampire Dairies. Plumb has a very eccentric style that she embraces in all of her appearances and videos, which is one of the things she is known for and I admire most about her.

Plumb Recently launched an all new Christmas song!

Enjoy an upbeat and joyful video! Check out the video below! You can catch Plumb on her God Help Me Tour this holiday season as well as next year!

Look for Plumb’s all new album coming in 2018 as well! We CAN NOT WAIT! In conclusion, tell us your favorite Plumb song. Because we can’t wait to hear! Therefore comment now!
-Ralphi, @RalphisPhotography


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