Hot Chocolate Design Shoes

Hot Chocolate Design Shoes

Hot Chocolate Design Shoes review is here. I was shopping on Amazon late one night and I happened to see an ad pop up for Hot Chocolate Design Mary Jane flats and I was hooked on all their shoes! They immediately caught my eye because of the unique, funky, vintage designs the shoes have. They are really cute and if you dare to have a little flare for the arts then these shoes are a must have.

Hot Chocolate Design Shoes

One pair will not due and you will find yourself collecting them all like me. Not only will you love looking at them you will love wearing them because they will be your most comfy shoe in your closet. I can wear my Hot Chocolate Mary Jane flats with almost any outfit. They are a printed fabric flat with rubber soles with some cushion in the soles. I rarely buy shoes online for fear they will not fit properly, but my Hot Chocolates fit true to size.

Hot Chocolate Shoes

If you are not a Mary Jane style girl Hot Chocolate Design has high heels too. They have the same artistic flair as well. My favorites are the Marie Antoinette printed high heels. Prices range from around $50 to $100 per pair. The founders of HCD also retire out their older designs making them collector shoes! I am wearing my newest pair of Mary Jane’s called Chocolaticas Habana.
-Tamara, Head of the Oakley Family @7thHeavenMomma


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