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My 20-Minute Busy Mom Workout

My 20-Minute Busy Mom Workout

My 20-Minute Busy Mom Workout is here just in time for the holidays. Working out and healthy eating was something I didn’t do until 10 years ago when a health scare made me wise to looking after myself and getting educated on healthy living.¬† With seven kids and a business, working out is a challenge to do. This 20 minute plan for the treadmill is perfect for the days my work outs land on a packed filled day of children, business meetings, or travel.

My 20-Minute Busy Mom Workout

As many moms know sometimes a 20 minute workout is all we have time for. Because of this you still need to get your cardio and keep off those unwanted extra pounds. A secret I found while working out is incline on a treadmill is your best friend. You can jumpstart burning calories by adding in a simple incline to your run, especially when your short on time. Because of this I add in inclines to my workouts. Another fun fact is increasing your speed during your workout. It is hard at first, but once you do it a few times it gets easier.

Treadmill Workout to Lose those Extra pounds!
3.5 | 0 | 3
4 | 2 | 3
4 | 4 | 2
4.5 | 6 | 1
4.5 | 0 | 1
4.5 | 2 | 3
5 | 4 | 2
5 | 6 | 1
5 | 1 | 1
3.5 | 0 | 3

Above is my 20 minute workout that all moms can do! Therefore around the holidays keep the weight off by trying this new workout. When I’m short on time this is my go-to treadmill run! In conclusion, start your holiday season off with this new workout that I love!

-Tamara, @7thHeavenMomma


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