Induro Tripod Review

Induro Tripod Review

Induro Tripod Review is here. These are built for photographers! Anytime I am in the field, whether I am teaching workshops or with a group of fellow photographers, the number one question I get asked is why do I love Induro tripods? Is it a good brand? The answer is convenience and yes! I have had the same Induro Tripod for the past 3 years! It has been the tripod I have had since I turned professional.

My tripod has gone on numerous photo trips with me from up mountains, sandy beaches, Florida swamps, the snow, and has withstood. I am a very short photographer and I am not always able to carry heavy equipment, my Induro tripod is lightweight even with my Canon 1DX Mark ii on it. I just hold it over my shoulders and I can hike as far as I want to. What I really love about all Induro tripods is the grips and the twisted adjustable legs. The twisted legs allow me to easily adjust the length of my tripod and customize my stance. If I am out in the streams of the Great Smoky Mountains with all different size of rocks around me, I can easily twist the grips of the tripod legs. Because I simply push down to get the angle I want.

Induro Tripod Review

It is also very convenient for me when I am working with models in the studio and on a location. As a fashion photographer, when you’re shooting models there are thousands of moments in every second to try and capture. If one of my models is a stance or has a look about them I want to capture, my Induro tripod always allows me to quickly react with my adjustable legs. All Induro tripod have the same benefits and I personally recommend the CLT204 Classic Series 2 Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod.

This model is the closets to my tripod and is definitely going to be my next tripod! In conclusion, they also come with a shoulder strap. Therefore, this allows me to easily carry my tripod, along with a toolkit case for my tripod plate. I purchased my tripod ball head, plate, and bracket to fit on my Induro tripod from Really Right Stuff. Therefore, this is a combo I highly recommend for any photographer looking for the right tripod. In conclusion, I really love this product.

-Ralphi, Photographer @RalphisPhotography


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