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Health Benefits of Coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee is many! Coffee has been blamed for high blood pressure, heart attacks, and Alzheimer’s. Do you remember your grandma telling you, “Do not drink coffee or it will stop you from growing!”

Well, I’m here to tell you that our coffee has some great health benefits. According to some studies from Mayo Clinic the reverse may be true. Therefore, moderate coffee consumption (2 cups a day) may prevent some of the exact diseases it is being blamed for. Coffee may also help against Parkinson’s disease and type 2 diabetes. Another major benefit is that coffee may protect us against liver disease and even liver cancer. Coffee maybe good for emotions as well and help decrease the risk of depression.

Health Benefits of Coffee

There are some risks to certain coffee kinds and there is an increase in cholesterol levels drinking a lot of unfiltered coffee like espresso. So if you are a coffee drinker and stick to moderate consumption you may be getting some added benefits to your health. Because according to the Huffington Post the average American drinks 2.1 cups of coffee a day and pays an average of $3.28 per cup. The most popular coffee drink is a Latte followed by a regular cup of coffee for women and the men are the exact opposite, preferring just a regular cup of coffee. Therefore another fun fact is that over half of the coffee drinking population does not sweeten their coffee.
In conclusion, go a head and enjoy your coffee. Because it’s good for you!

-Tamara, Head of the Oakley Family @7thHeavenMomma


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