Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow

Make-up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint Shadows are my favorite eye makeup bases. It keeps my eye makeup in place all day and all night. It is a great base to use if you have work or school all day, and don’t have time to go home and touch up my makeup before your evening events. I wear glasses too and this stays all day!

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow
Steal Deal! $25 for this product that has lasts me for over 4 months!


Shadows are liquid and SUPER pigmented. A little goes a long way. I like to us a Q-Tip to apply the paint. I would recommend putting your normal eye primer on first, followed by a light application of a nude eyeshadow, then apply the eye paint. You can apply the paint to the entire eye or create a smoky feel by applying the paint to the outer edges of the lid.

In the picture I used the Black, which gives a very dramatic effect. You can tone down the look with silver and white shadows. The Color Paints come in a variety of colors. The darker you choose the more dramatic the look. I love to use the white paints or light taupe for a bright, colorful eye, while the dark tones create a metallic, smoky eye. To create a whimsical look you can match a color paint to a glitter.

If you have a long day and you need an eye makeup look that is going to last all day- Try Make-up For Ever Aqua XL Color to hold your look in place! In conclusion, this product is $25 at Sephora. It lasts all day and all night so I think it is a great steal deal for your makeup collection.
-Nina, Steal Deal Finder


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