Sugar Skull Makeup for Disney Pixar Coco

Sugar Skull Makeup for Disney Pixar Coco

Sugar Skull Makeup for Disney Pixar Coco is here. As you know I love doing makeup so I got so inspired when I saw the sugar skulls in the new Disney’s Pixar movieĀ Coco! I admit I was intimidated by the sugar skull look. But once I started with using the white paint color it was so easy! A trick I did was I applied my makeup first! I used Pur Cosmetics My Little Pony Palette eyeshadow Pinkie Pie. Next I added mascara and my makeup look for my eyes was complete.

Sugar Skull Makeup for Disney Pixar Coco

I then continued using all the mix of colors to achieve this DIY sugar skull look. You can do it too! Simply start by tapping off your face with the white color and outline it with black. Then use the black color and design it across your one cheek. Afterwards go back in and complete the design with the Pinkie Pie eyeshadow hue.

DIY makeup!

Overall this is a fun DIY makeup look to do! It’s easy and fun and makes you an entirely new you with this fun makeup. In conclusion try this at home. You can get easy ‘Paint makeup’ on Amazon for less than $10. For my outfit I wore simply black leggings and a basic solid black tee accented with a fun tutu to match my floral sugar skull crown!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Beauty Influencer


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