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Finding Peace in Stress (Week 2)

Finding Peace in Stress (Week 2)

Finding Peace in Stress (Week 2), I consider my myself very faithful and I pray when I wake up and pray when I go to bed. During the day I can get so busy that sometimes when things are on overload and I feel overwhelmed and stressed I try to handle it all on my own.  I forget that Jesus is right there for me and the Holy Spirit will guide me. He will bring me the peace I need.

Finding Peace in Stress (Week 2)

I remember not to long ago I had two business meetings and had to take two of my children to the dentist later that day. I was getting ready and mentally preparing for my meetings (and stressing about it) when I looked down at my youngest daughter watching me. She wanted me to put makeup on her and comb her hair too. I flat out told her “No,” and explained to her I was really busy at that moment. She then asked me if I would read to her. I again explained to her that I had to finish getting ready because I had a very important meeting. I told her I would read to her during bedtime that night.

When I got in my car and drove away she waved goodbye from the window. Driving alone and in silence my heart felt heavy. I felt bad for leaving her because she needed me and I couldn’t spend the time with her. In a way, I felt like I was choosing not to spend time with her. That is when I decided I needed Jesus. I prayed about how I felt in my heart. I needed to slow down, and take things as they come. Not stress about them. Stressing about them only made me anxious and unable to grasp those small moments with the kids.

Slow down and Smell the Roses

enjoy everything that comes your way.

God has given to me so many amazing things and it’s important to slow day and stress less to recognize and enjoy them. Even something as small as reading a book to my daughter. So this week leave your stress at Jesus’s feet and live in peace and joy. Prioritize and take those moments as they come, because we can’t get them back.
In spending time in my car alone, Drive Time, it gave me a chance in the stressful day to hear His voice again. I let the Holy Spirit guide me and the stress just melted away. Therefore, I wasn’t even stressed over the meetings or if I was late to the dentist. I knew everything was okay.

God answered my prayers that I had already known deep within my soul. Stop and slow down and make memories with the most important things in your life and give the rest up to Jesus! Stress less this week. Because you’ll be surprised by things you didn’t even see!

“Martha, Martha, you worry and fret about so many things and yet few are needed, indeed only one. It is Mary who has chosen the better part, it is not to be taken from her.” (Luke 10:41-42)
Have  Blessed Week,


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