Harry’s Razors

Harry’s Razors

Harry’s Razors I finally found a razor for the guys (and girls) where they feel like they are getting value for their money. Harry’s Razors are good quality razors that won’t break the bank and guys will receive that close shave they like. Their blades are 5 blade cartridges and made in Germany by their own factory. The razor’s rubber handle comes in an assortment of trendy colors and the handle is easy to grip.  Harry’s Razors are available at Target for around 8 bucks and they also carry Harry’s aftershave and shaving cream.

Harrys Razors

It is also worth going on their website and checking out Harry’s shaving plan that sends razors right to your door for about 2 bucks a blade! You really can’t beat Harry’s razors quality, price, and convenient shaving plans!
So the guys better watch their razors because even women are giving Harry a try and finding they are getting a close, no nick shave on their legs. I know I have!
Hey Harry! Us gals need you to make the Henrietta for us!
This great gift set is available at Target for $15.99
Tamara, @7thHeavenMomma

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