Meet Oak and Lee’s Photographer, Ralphi

I’m Ralphi, the official photographer here on Oak and Lee Magazine. I’m 18 years old and a professional photographer with a passion for fashion and nature photography. I bring my camera wherever I go because I never know where life’s adventures are going to take me.┬áMy grandpa bought me my very first camera. He inspires me to believe in myself and work hard at everything I do in order to achieve greatness.

Meet Oak and Lee's Photographer, Ralphi

My inspiration to be blessed to have found my calling at such a young age comes from God. He continues to inspire be everyday by placing ideas in my heart. I know God is with me with every click of my shutter. Before I do a photo session I always listen to King and Country. They are one of my favorite Christian bands and inspire me.
I also love vintage fashion! I love going to thrift stores and finding a vintage fashion piece to wear. The iconic Audrey Hepburn is my favorite fashion inspiration. I take her style inspiration into my everyday fashion looks and make it my own.

I may only by 4’11 but I believe no matter how small you are your dreams can be bigger than you ever imagined. Because when you living your true path, He is always with you. In conclusion, don’t forget to follow along with me on my journey!


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