Head of the Oakley Family, Tamara

When I describe myself the first thing I described is I’m a devoted Christian. Next, I am a mom of 7 (4 girls and 3 boys) and that is why I have such a strong relationship with God because I do a whole lot of praying! No, I am trying to be funny, but all kidding aside I love my life. I have a degree in business and a degree in fashion. Also, I have worked for two of the biggest automobile companies in the world and found being a full time mother much more challenging and fulfilling. I have been in and out of the fashion industry and am an entrepreneur.

I started this online magazine to write my personal experiences and to celebrate life by showing women how to be Fashionable Christian. Because of our large social media following and the launch of this magazine I am about to do just that. I can share valuable mom tips, my life experiences, my love for Christ, and still come through life’s ups and down standing up and do can you! I wanted to show women how loving Jesus, yourself, and family can be really amazing by celebrating your faith and do so in STYLE! In conclusion, follow along with me on my Instagram page. Because there is never a dull moment.
“Do it and do it BIG by being Fashionably Christian, Darling,”
Tamara, @7thHeavenMomma


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