Dollar Tree Finds

Dollar Tree Finds

Dollar Tree finds are amazing! I always say that the Dollar Tree is the only store that can make you feel like you are a millionaire at check-out. What other store in America can you buy 25 items for $25? I love it!

Being the mom of 7, I find myself often at the Dollar Tree to take advantage of the many items they offer. Being a homeschooler mom, especially for the younger kids, I go there to get school supplies. They have scissors, crayons, posters, and more all for only $1. For the school prize box, I fill it with dollar items finds to give my kids an extra incentive!

Dollar Tree Finds

When we travel too I find myself going to the Dollar Tree first to get toiletries that are easy to pack and throw away. Toothbrushes, shaving cream, and other items are only a dollar and don’t break the bank.
Other items I get from there for are birthday cards, birthday party décor, and gift wrapping. If you never have gone there for balloons too you are missing out! They have balloon buying down to an art. They have so many kinds and colors to choose from and they last inflated for more than a day too.

Finally, I just stocked up on fun holiday décor! They have so many fun items, and at a dollar you can stock up on fun festive items. Last year, I decorate the Christmas tree in the library all in dollar tree finds! At my annual Christmas party that was the tree that was voted the favorite! It was decorated for $50 all from the Dollar Tree!
In conclusion, it is one of the few stores left where you can splurge and have fun shopping. Because you shop and save!
-Tamara, Head of the Oakley Family


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