What I love most about Snapchat

What I love Most about Snapchat

What I love Most About Snapchat is definitely the snapchat filters! With the new update, Snapchat offers so many different selfie filters, all of which make you look good with no makeup! You don’t have to be glamorous, Snapchat filters make you feel that way all on it’s own. I also love the filters that feature your bitmoji icon too! Some dance and always make a snap fun and entertaining, even if it’s just a simple snap of your room!

I personally love using Snapchat as a way to personally connect to all my followers. From entertaining videos and personalized videos I love giving my followers a chance to see inside my everyday activities. I love giving a behind-the-scenes commentary on my favorite beauty products, workout exercises, and more! But I always add a fun filter to my snaps.

What I love Most about Snapchat

I think that when using Snapchat adding that fun factor gives a personalized touched too! The feature to save your snaps is an innovative way not to clutter your camera roll. You can save your Snaps as memories and it’s all stored on the app, freeing your phone’s camera storage.

In conclusion, the Snapchat filters are one of my favorites. From the dog filter to the butterfly to birds, selfies were never so fun before! Therefore Snap to It and add me!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Beauty Influencer


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