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Finding Peace in Stress (Week 1)

Finding Peace in Stress (Week 1)

I believe in living a healthy lifestyle. I teach my family how to be healthy, eat right, exercise, stay positive, and happy. There is another element to optimal health and happiness that I believe is so important, which is your spiritual health. It is easy to overlook when you get thrown into life’s daily stresses. For me being the mom of seven and having four dogs there is never a dull moment. Usually there are more stressful moments that I face through the day that any mom does, sometimes mine are just multiplied by seven!

For example, yesterday I hit five o’clock rush hour traffic trying to get my second to oldest son to his soccer practice. I started to instantly stress that he wouldn’t make his practice. Then my thoughts went to going to grocery store and making dinner. It’s hard to overcome that stressful feeling. But in that moment, I realized this was an example where I needed to take a moment and just focus on Him and know everything would workout. I took a deep breath and just listen to my Holy Spirit and realized it was okay if he was five minutes late, as long we got their safely.

Finding Peace in Stress (Week 1)

It made me realize that it’s important no matter what we face in day or overcome to listen to our Holy Spirit. This week for your daily inspiration to get focused on Him. I challenge you to start small and when you feel the rush of stress start to creep on you to re-focus yourself. Re-focus on God and take a moment to just listen. I pray you find what I find when you that, peace. Bring peace into your heart through Jesus.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” -John 14:2

Jesus is known for spreading peace as the Prince of Peace.

Knowing you are one with Jesus is all your soul needs. You can start out and silently tell Jesus about your day. If something happened that bothers you, simply listen and let Him answer. We feel guilty for not spending enough time with your family. Simply talk to God about how to slow down.

When I arrived at my son’s soccer practice I felt refreshed and at peace. Instead of stressing I took in the moment and enjoyed it. In conclusion, I challenge you when faced with stress to refocus and listen to your inner Holy Spirit. Because peace is just a second away. Therefore find peace in stress.



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