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The 7 Day Squat Challenge

The 7 Day Squat Challenge

The 7 Day Squat Challenge is now here! I have started my 7 day squat challenge and I challenge you to join me. Winter might be upon us but that doesn’t mean you stop working out. Many of you know, I love staying active and keeping in shape. It is a stress relief for me and I enjoy setting goals and pushing myself to achieve them. Sometimes those challenges aren’t always easy but I feel so refreshed afterwards.

The 7 Day Squat Challenge

I started doing squats a few weeks ago to test out this challenge and I found it works amazing. It doesn’t require a lot of time and you can do this challenge anytime of day, when your watching television or before you shower.
You simply keep your legs arm width apart and squat down, centering your hands in front of your chest. I do three sets of sixteen. At first, it’s going to be really challenging. You can feel your legs shake and you are doing to be sore. But after continuously doing it, you will notice a huge difference. You will feel stronger after 7 days and you will feel more toned. Visibly I started to notice a difference within the first 7 days too!

Squat Form

Below is a diagram to show you the proper way to squat too! Don’t be afraid to try this, but be sure you are using the right form. Because to get maximum results you need to have good form to achieve a toned butt and legs! In conclusion, don’t miss this challenge. Therefore, let’s start to squat!
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