The Legacy of the Key by S.L. Morgan Book Review

The Legacy of the Key by S.L. Morgan Book Review

The Legacy of the Key by S.L. Morgan Book Review

The Legacy of the Key by S.L. Morgan Book Review is here and a novel I couldn’t wait to read. After coming across this novel on my Kindle I decided to read it. I’m a fan of young adult fantasy novels, and this one is one of my favorites. I read it straight through in two days and loved every part of it.

It’s refreshingly, fun, exciting, romantic, and brings you into a whole other world with it’s breathtakingly description of the fantasy world of Pemdas. The novel itself centers around Reece Bryant. Because her whole world has been turned upside down when she is swept into the fantasy world of Pemdas by two handsome strangers that save her life.

She isn’t allowed to return back to her world on Earth because she is in danger of being killed by the Ciatron. She learns that her ancestors had created a map in her mind that if revealed and put into the wrong hands could destroy Earth and the different realms that exist of supernatural beings.

Reece Bryant soon adjusts to life in Pemdas having to reside there to protect her life. Staying in the palace with the royal family, especially being by Prince Levi Oxley everyday makes her adjust to life faster than she thought. Plus, being treated like a royal Reece soon finds has it advantages. When Reece’s father had died a few years ago she was left feeling empty. But Lexi soon ends up filling that void in her heart.

The romance in the novel is innocent. It draws you in to believing in the true love that grows and blossoms between them. I won’t reveal anymore so you as a reader can find out on your own Reece’s journey throughout the novel.

5/5 Rating

Right now, The Legacy of the Key is definitely my favorite and a solid 5/5. Fantasy mixed with romance was done wonderfully and it was an amazing original story that has not been done before. Read this hidden gem of a book and get swept away into a whole other world. You will want to live Reece Bryant’s life like I did. Fall in love with her relationship with Prince Levi Oxley too and get swept up in the romance.

In conclusion I recommend checking this book out on your Kindle. Therefore don’t miss out on the world of Pemdas.

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