Imagine That by Judy Sierra

Imagine That by Judy Sierra

Imagine That by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes is an awesome children’s book. I read this to my 7 year old and he absolutely loved it and so did I! It is about how Dr. Seuss came up with the idea to write The Cat in the Hat back in 1954. I can’t tell you how interesting and enjoyable this book is. Dr. Seuss  had “a list” of words that he had to use to meet the requirements of a first reader for first graders.

Imagine That by Judy Sierra

It was not easy but he eventually came up with The Cat in the Hat and to this day it is a best-selling children book. The illustrations are just as amazing, with old fashion contemporary pictures that go perfect with the story! This a personal family favorite and a wonderful children’s book for ALL ages! In conclusion, I highly recommend getting this children’s novel and adding it to your bedtime story collection. The illustrations complete the uniqueness of this book as well. My children love this book all ages of them.
Therefore next time you are the bookstore pick yourself a copy. Be sure to write in and let me know your thoughts. Because of this original children’s book I can’t wait to get another! Therefore you won’t either!

-Tamara, Head of the Oakley Family


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